How to watch NFL Network

How to watch NFL Network
How to watch NFL Network

The NFL Network is an American sports-oriented pay television network owned by the National Football League. It is part of NFL Media, which includes NFL Now,, NFL Films, NFL RedZone, and NFL Mobile. This platform is dedicated to providing American football games to sports fans and football enthusiasts, and because of this, many sports fans want to know how to watch NFL Network.

You can watch the NFL Network through major cable providers such as Direct TV, Verizon Fios, Dish Network, Spectrum, and Xfinity. Furthermore, You can watch NFL Network live without cable on various streaming services like Sling, Fubo TV, Hulu, or YouTube TV. Plus, you can also use the NFL app to watch NFL matches.

So, if you are interested in watching NFL Network, here is some additional information you can learn and use to view your favorite NFL teams and games.

How much is NFL Network?

The subscription cost for fans to watch the NFL Network varies depending on your chosen platform. So to better understand how much NFL Network is, here are the different cable platforms you can use to watch NFL Network with their corresponding subscription prices.

How to Get NFL Network on Cable

You can access the NFL network games and more through your cable using the following Cable providers.


NFL SUNDAY TICKET is an NFL Sports package offered exclusively for DIRECTV users. It broadcasts every regional out-of-market NFL game every Sunday, making it the perfect Cable TV package for football fanatics who want to view most live games. In addition, this subscription is also ideal for anyone who lives in an area that doesn’t broadcast the football games of their favorite team.

DirectTV subscription including the NFL Sunday Ticket costs are the following:

·        Direct TV Choice Plan(185 Channels) – $69.99 per month for 12 months

·        Direct TV Ultimate Plan (250 Channels) – $89.99 per month for 12 months

·        Direct TV Premier Plan (330 Channels) – $139.99 per month for 12 months

In addition to that, if you just want to purchase the NFL SUNDAY TICKET, then there is an option to do that, but certain restrictions apply.

Should you be eligible, you’ll have the option to choose between two packages that are offered, the NFLST.TV To Go and the NFLST.TV Max.

The NFLST.TV To Go package costs $73.49 per month for 4 months or single payment of $293.96.

The NFLST.TV Max bundle, which adds in NFL Red Zone and DirectTV Fantasy Zone, costs $395.99 for the season or $99 per month

Furthermore, you can also add an NFL Game Pass for an extra $50.

Verizon Fios

Verizon offers an add-on package to its users that enables them to catch a wide variety of sports through 13 of the hottest additional channels, including NFL Network, NFL RedZone, ESPN College Extra, beIN Sports, and more.

This add-on service offered by Verizon costs an additional $14 per month on your cable subscription.

Dish Network

The Dish Network offers its users an additional Multi-Sports pack add-on that you can use to get access to NFL RedZone, NFL Network, NBA TV, NHL Network, MLB Network, and other networks from some of the most popular college conferences in the country.

The Multi-Sports pack costs $13 per month and includes 16 sports channels.


Spectrum TV enables its users to watch live NFL football games in HD with Spectrum’s NFL packages. You can get exclusive access to NFL RedZone by adding the Spectrum Sports View for just an additional $6 per month to your subscription.


Watch all of the  Thursday Night Football games on NFL Network and view every touchdown from all games on Sundays with NFL RedZone. You get all this and more with the More Sports & Entertainment Package from Xfinity

However, the price for the More Sports & Entertainment Package varies on your location.

But you can determine the costs of this package for your location by entering your address using the following hyperlink to find out how much you need to spend to get the More Sports & Entertainment Package from Xfinity for your area.

How to Stream NFL Network?

If you don’t have a cable connection, you can stream all your local in-market games on your mobile device using the NFL app or Yahoo Sports app.

Here is some information about the apps and how to use them to find out how to watch the NFL network using the NFL app or Yahoo Sports app.


The official NFL mobile app enables you to do everything you need to make the most of the football season. It provides you with live scoring updates and NFL news, allows you to live-stream content from the NFL Network or the NFL Game Pass, and provides the ability to track your favorite teams. So, this NFL app is worth checking out whether you want access to NFL events or Fantasy Football tools.

Furthermore, the NFL app is free to download for anyone. It provides you with free access to all features except streaming coverage for free. You can get this app from the iOS App Store for iPad and iPhone and Google Play for Android devices.

Getting Started with  the NFL Mobile App

The app will play a short video introducing itself and some of its new features when you open it. After that, it will allow you to select a team you want to follow and get alerts for. You can scroll through the list of NFL teams and select it by pressing the star next to the teams you want to receive news and alerts.

After picking your favorite teams, you’ll be directed to the app’s News tab.

Enables You to Read the Latest NFL News

Now, at the app’s bottom, you will find five sections. The News feature is highlighted in blue. But at the top, the News page is divided into three sections. Basically, The rest of the NFL app is designed the same way. With the broader categories located near the bottom and subcategories at the top.

The main News tab is described as “Featured.” This section contains all the top news for the NFL, covering all teams.

The middle tab contains your selected team’s news. Everything in that section contains information and news from the team that you selected and follows, including all its players.

Lastly,  the last section will provide you with news and updates about the NFL league and special events.

Find Games, Schedules, and Scores

The next feature you will find in the NFL app is Games. This section provides you with schedule information, live scoring updates, and comparisons of the teams facing off in a game.

NFL mobile app games and schedule

You will always be shown with the current week’s schedule whenever you open this feature. But, If there are no scheduled games or it’s the off-season,  you will be shown the next available week with a scheduled game set.

Each game listed on the app will include the teams playing,  time, and current scores.

The first game listed on your app will include your favorite team’s game. But, if your teams are not playing that week. The games will be listed chronologically.

At the top of your screen, the NFL app will display which week you’re looking at the schedule for.

You can tap on it to view a complete list of scheduled games for the season. You can also pick any week to preview the game lineup or look back at past weeks to review your team’s progress.

Watch NFL Network Streaming

Under the More section, tap NFL Network. However, you won’t be able to get far without a TV subscription. The first screen will ask you for information about your provider. You can also utilize Streaming services like Sling, which are included in the list. Register with your login information for your provider.

NFL mobile app NFL Network streaming pages

After inputting your login details, the NFL app will take you to the NFL Network. The top of the screen will display the live stream of the games. Below that, you will find a list of the upcoming programs. You need to flip your device into landscape mode to expand the video.

Furthermore, you can also back out to the NFL app without exiting your video. Tap the Back button on your mobile phone or device to return to the NFL app, and the game’s live stream will be minimized to the corner of your device like picture-in-picture. Swipe up toward the left corner when ready to return and watch the stream again. Swiping the stream to the right will close it.

Subscribe to NFL Game Pass

If you don’t have any cable or other subscriptions to other platforms to watch the live NFL game streams on the app, you can subscribe and get the NFL Game Pass.

The NFL Game Pass is one of the best NFL streaming services. It provides you with access to preseason games, exclusive content, highlights, and full replays. Tap Game Pass under the More section in the app to access it.

NFL Game Pass on Your NFL App Page

The NFL Game Pass is an independent subscription that costs $99.99 for the season. So, If you have or purchased a subscription, it will enable you to sign in to the app quickly. Furthermore, you can create an account and subscribe to the NFL Game Pass through the NFL app. After you do this, you’ll be able to instantly access all of your Game Pass content through the NFL App conveniently.

Yahoo Sports app

Another way to stream NFL games for free is through the Yahoo! Sports App. The Yahoo! Sports App enables users to stream all national TV games, including the Thursday, Sunday, and Monday Night Football and other local market games, free of charge. This NFL Network streaming option is perfect for those who want to watch the games on their mobile devices.

Moreover, to watch the NFL Network games, you can use other major live TV streaming services in the United States, which also carry most NFL games. Streamers can choose to use AT&T TV Now, fuboTV, Hulu Plus Live TV, Sling TV, or YouTube TV, as most of these platforms include the major networks where games will be shown: CBS, Fox, NBC, and ESPN.

To get more information about these alternative means to watch NFL Network, read our How to watch NFL Games without Cable article.

In addition, All five of the live TV streaming services mentioned above provide you with free trials. So, users can use all the free trials offered by these platforms and then unsubscribe before they end to keep watching the NFL Network games for Free.

How to watch NFL on Roku?

With the NFL football season getting more exciting, Many football fanatics try to find a more convenient way for them to watch the NFL games.

NFL is a popular Football league in the US. Fans can watch the league games live on various media streaming devices and platforms. Some local channels even broadcast news, replays, highlights, and others related to NFL.

So, If you are thinking about how to watch NFL on Roku devices, then you have read the right article! Roku provides a dedicated NFL channel for Roku users. Users can stream all their games, including night football matches, NFL Sunday Ticket, etc., anytime.

Plus, it doesn’t even require you to have a cable TV subscription to stream NFL games.

So, to start watching NFL games on  Roku, Let us first learn how you can download the NFL app on Roku.

NFL Game Pass

The NFL app is free to download on the Roku player. However, the content available for free users is limited. You can only watch highlights, NFL clips, scores, and a few other things using the free subscription.

You must purchase the NFL Game Pass if you want to access all the content, national and local feeds, including full-broadcast, replays, etc., on your Roku devices.

With an NFL Game Pass subscription, you will get access to more than 250 live games, NFL RedZone, 40 minutes highlights, and other NFL-related shows.

The NFL Network offers the following plans.

·        Free – $0

·        Pro plan – $13.99 per week, $124.99 per year

·        Essential plan- $37.99 per year

Sign Up for the NFL Game Pass

You will not be able to buy the NFL Game Pass directly from your Roku devices. You need to first subscribe to the NFL Game Pass from the NFL website or app, then connect your subscription to your Roku device.

To accomplish this task, you need to do the following:

Step 1: Launch a web browser on any device you are using and open the NFL website (

Step 2: Enter the necessary information needed in the signup form.

Sign Up for NFL Game Pass

Step 3: Click the  Create Account button.

Step 4: Go to the NFL Game Pass Page (

Step 5: Select the package you want and hit the Sign Up Now button.

Step 6: Sign in using your account by providing your NFL login credentials (Sign in to your account).

Step 7: View and accept the terms & conditions and process your payment.

How to Install and Activate the NFL App on Roku?

The NFL app is offered as a standalone channel on the Roku Channel Store. By doing the following steps, you can activate your NFL App on your Roku device.

Step 1: Go to the homepage of your Roku device.

Step 2: Navigate to the  Streaming Channels section

Step 3: Input “NFL” on the search bar provided and choose the NFL app from the list that would appear.

Step 4: Click the Add Channel button, and after the installation and setup,  hit the OK button.

Step 5: Launch the NFL channel on your Roku device, and write down the activation code that will be displayed on your screen.

Step 6: Go to

Step 7: Enter the activation code you wrote down and enter your login details.

Step 8: The NFL app on your Roku device will refresh, and you can now start streaming any of the NFL games you want.

How to watch NFL NetworkFinal Thoughts

Due to the massive popularity of the NFL in the US, many sports fans want to know How to watch NFL Network?

So, to answer this question, you can watch The NFL Network through major cable providers such as Direct TV, Verizon Fios, Dish Network, Spectrum, and Xfinity. Furthermore, You can watch NFL Network live without cable on various streaming services like Sling, Fubo TV, Hulu, or YouTube TV. Plus, you can also use the NFL app to view NFL games.

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