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Mission Statement of Gridiron Chronicle:
At Gridiron Chronicle, our mission is to serve as the premier resource for American football fans, providing them with insightful, accurate, and comprehensive coverage of the sport. We are committed to enriching the fan experience by delivering in-depth analysis and expert commentary on the National Football League and beyond. Our goal is to educate, engage, and excite every football enthusiast, from casual followers to the most passionate fans, fostering a deeper connection with the game they love.


Jarrod Partridge

As a seasoned journalist and editor for Gridiron Chronicle, Jarrod Partridge brings over a decade of expertise in covering American Football. With an unwavering passion for both the NFL and college football, he delivers insightful and compelling narratives that resonate with fans and readers alike. As a dedicated follower of the New York Giants and an AIPS accredited journalist, Jarrod possesses a profound understanding of the game, making him a trusted voice within the sports journalism community.

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