How to watch NFL games without cable

How to watch NFL games without cable
How to watch NFL games without cable

Sports enthusiasts and Football fans who don’t have cable have plenty of options to stream NFL action this season. You can watch NFL games without a cable connection with the right streaming services. So, to help you get your daily dose of NFL action, here’s how to watch NFL games without cable.

You can watch select NFL games without a cable subscription by utilizing popular streaming platform services, such as Amazon Prime Video, FuboTV, Sling TV, Hulu + Live TV,  YouTube TV, Paramount Plus, Peacock Premium, and NFL Sunday Ticket. Furthermore, you can also watch local NFL games with an HDTV antenna.

In addition, you can stream all your local in-market games using your mobile device for free using the NFL app or the Yahoo Sports app.

Here are the Different Platforms and services you can utilize to stream NFL games without cable.

Amazon Prime Video

Although you would not be able to get NFL Network, local channels, or in-depth analysis, Amazon Prime Video users can watch select Thursday Night Football games with their current subscription at no extra cost. The membership cost of A standalone Amazon Prime Video is $9 a month, and it comes as part of a subscription for Amazon Prime for $13 a month or $119 per year.

This platform allows users to stream up to eleven Thursday Night NFL Football games beginning on the fifth week of the NFL season.

Furthermore, these games are also broadcast on Fox and NFL Network. But because Amazon won’t be able to provide streaming access to any additional games, This Prime Video service on its own is only suitable for casual football fans who want to stream just a few games this season. 

Fubo TV

The cost of Fubo TV Starter Plan subscription costs $65 a month. It is one of the complete live streaming platform options that allows you to stream NFL football games. Furthermore, you can also spend an extra $11 a month to include the Sports Plus feature with the NFL RedZone package.

Now, regarding NFL games, the Starter Plan comes complete with access to local NBC, CBS, and Fox stations (blackout restrictions and regional availability apply).

In addition to that, Fubo TV’s Starter Plan enables users access to ESPN so that you can watch NFL Network and Monday Night Football and stream Thursday Night Football all season long.

HDTV Antenna

In addition to the platforms mentioned above, you can also purchase an antenna, like the channel Master models, and add it to your TV for about $25. It will provide you access to local channels within a certain distance. You can search for a guide to the best digital antennas on Google for additional information.

Connecting an HD antenna to your TV provides you access to local over-the-air (OTA) signals near your location. It means that you will be able to view and watch the local affiliates of major broadcast networks, like CBS, Fox, and NBC.

Because of this, you can watch all the regional broadcast games from your location. Furthermore, you can also get the Sunday Night Football matchup that is shown on NBC. Now, because this option is only a one-time payment, It is an excellent option if you are particularly interested in watching the local team in your area. On the other hand, you will not gain access to any out-of Hulu with Live TV shows and games.

Hulu + Live TV

Hulu and Live TV have nearly everything you need to view and stream NFL games for the low subscription cost of $65 per month. 

Similar to the HD antenna, Hulu + Live TV gives you access to all the local versions of the major broadcasts, which include CBS, Fox, and NBC.

These broadcasts will enable you to watch the games within your regional broadcast area except for blackout shows.  

Furthermore, users also get ESPN, which provides you access to NFL Network for Thursday Night Football and all Monday Night Football games. Moreover, you can also opt to add the Sports add-on package that comes with the NFL Redzone for an extra $10 a month. 

NFL Sunday Ticket

The NFL Sunday Ticket enables football fans to watch every out-of-market Sunday afternoon game. However, this exclusive service can only be used in selected regions.

This streaming service offers two separate plans: The NFL Sunday Ticket Max plan, which costs $93.99 per month or $387.96 for the season, and The NFL Sunday Ticket To Go plan, which costs $73.49 per month or $293.96 for the season.

These subscription plans let you access all of the out-of-market Sunday afternoon NFL games.

However, It means you would not get access to Monday, Thursday, or Sunday, night games.

Furthermore, you will not be allowed to stream locally televised games with just this subscription.

However, this is one of the best ways football fans can watch full out-of-market live games of their favorite teams. Another fun feature with both plans is that you can view four NFL games on your device screen or TV monitor.

In addition to these fantastic features, the NFL Sunday Ticket Max includes the DirecTV Fantasy Zone and NFL RedZone. The DirecTV Fantasy Zone is a new channel that is exclusively dedicated to watching games through the lens of fantasy football.

Paramount Plus

Now, if you like watching locally televised American Football Conference home games, then the  Paramount Plus subscription service could be all you need.

The streaming service lets you watch a growing library of on-demand shows, exclusive titles, and live CBS television. Paramount Plus service costs $10 a month with ad-free on-demand or $5 a month with commercials. With that being said, all live broadcasts, including the NFL games, still includes commercials, even with the ad-free plan.

Paramount Plus provides a live streaming service for users for all  NFL games that are shown on the regular CBS channel in your area.

But, since the Paramount Plus platform only offers CBS content, It won’t allow you to watch out-of-market matches or any Football games broadcast on other networks.

Sling TV

Now, If you are looking for a live TV streaming platform service that you can use to watch football, then Sling TV is an excellent budget option that supplies you with most of the channels you need at a more affordable price than FuboTV or Hulu.

Sling TV offers three different plans that you can choose from depending on the channels you need and prioritize.

Each Sling Orange and Sling Blue plan costs $35 a month, while the combined Sling Orange and Sling Blue plans will cost you  $50 per month.

Furthermore, you can also add the Sports Extra package to include NFL RedZone to your subscription for $11 per month.

Sling Orange includes ESPN, while Sling Blue comes with  NBC in select markets, Fox, and the NFL network.

However, CBS is not currently offered by the Sling platform. Although there is a Sports Extra package, it does not come with any channels that broadcast live NFL games.

Your best option to gain access to the most number of NFL games through the Sling subscription is to get the Sling Orange + Blue plan and then avail of Sling’s current promotional offer of a free antenna to access local channels.

Getting the free antenna promo requires you to prepay for two months of the Sling subscription service. Furthermore, if you want RedZone, you can purchase the Sports Extra package to the Orange + Blue Plan for a total cost of $61 a month.

But, if you don’t need all these additional add-ons, you can just purchase Sling Blue to enable you to gain access to Sunday Night Football games on NBC  and Sunday afternoon games on Fox, or you can opt for just the  Sling Orange plan to get access to the Monday Night football games on ESPN, in addition to the local offerings that you can watch using the antenna. However, as applicable with all streaming platform services, the availability of the games is subjected to blackouts and restrictions.

With Sling’s comprehensive channel listings, great add-ons, and the fact that they provide a free antenna promotion, you can watch all local channels, ESPN, the NFL Network, and the NFL RedZone, making it one of the most cost-efficient methods to watch the NFL games without a cable connection

YouTube TV

YouTube TV is another excellent platform that provides access to most NFL games. Furthermore, this platform announced an agreement with the NFL to provide NFL Redzone as an add-on for their Sports Plus package, which costs an additional $11 per month.

Like other platforms with this price range, YouTube TV supplies access to all the local channels that you need to watch NFL games, including Fox, CBS, and NBC.

Moreover, YouTube TV also includes NFL Network and ESPN in their base package so that you can watch all Thursday Night Football and Monday Night Football games. With the publication of the new Sports Plus package, you can also enjoy watching NFL Redzone for an additional cost of $11 per month.

How to watch NFL Games without cableFinal Thoughts

Many NFL and sports fans ask about how to watch NFL games without cable? Fortunately for them, this article provides the answer and the necessary information that allows them to watch their favorite teams play in the NFL.

NFL fans and Sports enthusiasts can watch select NFL games without a cable subscription by utilizing popular streaming platform services, such as Amazon Prime Video, FuboTV, Sling TV, Hulu + Live TV,  YouTube TV, and Paramount Plus, Peacock Premium, and NFL Sunday Ticket. Furthermore, they can also watch local NFL games with an HDTV antenna.

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