What Is NFL Game Pass?

What Is NFL Game Pass
What Is NFL Game Pass

With the 2022 NFL season starting in September, and the Super Bowl fast approaching, NFL fans are eager to find everything from streaming services to off-season developments. If you love keeping your finger on the pulse, you might wonder how to watch the NFL Network shows and match updates. If you haven’t heard about the NFL Game Pass yet, we have everything that may answer the simple question of what is NFL Game Pass.

Let’s dive into the details to learn about the NFL Game Pass and its various features that come in handy while you are away from home.

NFL Game Pass – An Overview

NFL Game Pass is a subscription service that allows NFL fans to enjoy on-demand NFL matches, films, and other shows anywhere in the world. The subscription service has facilitated many NFL fans to watch their favorite NFL shows over the years without worrying about regional boundaries. While you can subscribe to various broadcasting services in the U.S to watch matches, the NFL Network may not be accessible outside the country.

NFL fans often go out for work or family trips outside the states around the year. Some fans are fortunate enough to manage their busy schedules before and after the NFL preseason and Super Bowl. However, many miss out on their favorite team matches while being away. The launch of NFL Game Pass served as a one-stop solution to meet the streaming demands of such fans.

The virtual subscription service adopts a different name for local and international users. You may find it as NFL+ across the U.S. The on-demand service has multiple packages with varying features to fit the user’s needs.

NFL Game Pass Features

NFL Game Pass comes with various features to meet the user’s demands. While away from home, you may be unable to watch live matches of your favorite teams due to your busy schedule. By subscribing to the virtual service, you can watch on-demand NFL Network shows, live matches, and NFL Films. You may also receive the latest updates from the industry.


The Game Pass allows you to replay past missed matches with just a click. You can watch unlimited replays to enjoy the exhilarating moments from the matches. If you have a meeting scheduled with one of your workplace executives, you can let go of the worry of missing out on your favorite team plays.

Condensed Match Versions

If you are short on time, you can also opt for the condensed versions of the matches that cut out the unnecessary action to keep you on your toes. You can wind up a full NFL match in nearly 45 minutes. When away from your home country, you may be unable to spend much time watching the extended plays. The condensed format may help you save time.

Coaches Film Mode

A top-tier feature that most fans love is “Coaches Film,” which allows you to view individual plays from various angles. NFL fans often need to see the best plays from a view of their choice. You may not be able to enjoy this enhancement on the regular broadcasting services.

Audio Streaming

When driving or traveling in commercial transport, you may find it challenging to watch your favorite NFL teams in action. With the help of NFL Game Pass, you can cut the clutter and enjoy audio streaming of the ongoing games on the go. Moreover, you can choose between different announcer types to fit your needs.

Archived Content

If you are a die-hard NFL fan, you may agree that every preseason and Super Bowl game is worth watching. Many fans like to recall memories by playing one of the Super Bowl archives or NFL Films. The NFL Game Pass subscription can facilitate you in this regard. You can gain access to old matches, films, and other NFL Network content from anywhere around the globe.

How Much Is NFL Game Pass?

NFL Game Pass subscription costs may vary from region to region. The official subscription has three tiers to suit the users’ demands. If you opt for the ‘Free’ type, you may access game previews, game highlights (5 minutes), NFL Network (live 24/7), and content downloads.

Choosing the ‘Essential’ subscription can allow you to enjoy NFL RedZone (live), NFL Network (live 24/7), on-demand game highlights, NFL Originals, and other programs for $27.99 annually. 

The ‘Pro’ subscription is the ultimate package to maximize your NFL experience anywhere around the globe. You can enjoy all 270+ games (live), NFL RedZone (live), all highlights, and NFL Network (live 24/7). You may subscribe to the weekly package for $5.00 or opt for the annual $92.99 option.

How to Cancel NFL Game Pass?

When they return to America, NFL Game Pass users may want to cancel their subscription to switch back to regular broadcasting services. To unsubscribe from your NFL Game Pass package, you may access the official NFL Game Pass website and apply for an opt-out. The officials may send you a link via email to cancel your auto-renewal in the relevant period.

Typically, users can opt out of their Game Pass subscription during the July-August period to avoid auto-renewal. Here are the key steps you may need to follow for NFL Game Pass cancellation.

  • Open the NFL Game Pass website and Sign In to your account from your web or mobile browser
  • Access the Account icon at the page’s top right section and click on Manage Your Account
  • Turn off auto-renewal under the Auto Renew option
  • If you face problems canceling your Game Pass subscription, you may contact customer services for further assistance.

What Is NFL Game Pass? – The Takeaway

If you were searching for the answer to what is NFL Game Pass, the above information might help you know everything about the subscription service packages, features, uses, and cancellations. You may visit the official NFL Game Pass website or other resources for more details.

Need more football? If the answer is yes, then learn how to watch NFL Network here.

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