How Much Does A NFL Cheerleader Make?

How Much Does A NFL Cheerleader Make

There are so many people that make up the NFL. Many times when it comes down to pay the focus is on the football players. Rightfully so, these guys get million-dollar contracts that are very attractive. But don’t think these are the only people making good money in the NFL. For example, referees in the NFL are on average making over $200,000 dollars per season. But have you ever wondered what the average cheerleader in the NFL makes? These NFL workers are making a shockingly low salary. Working in the league can make for a lucrative career, depending on what role you play…

How Much Does A NFL Cheerleader Make?

Cheerleaders in the NFL are bringing in a shocking $150 dollars per game. Yes, per game. Although the NFL plays some hefty salaries, being a cheerleader for them is not the highest payoff. They are compensated for public appearances. This pay starts at $50-$75. Cheerleaders are considered performers and not compensated nor where near the amount other workers in the league are compensated.

NFL Cheerleader Pay Per Season

There are reports that one cheerleader was paid around $3,000 dollars for one season. How much do NFL cheerleaders make may be very surprising to you. Some cheerleaders have reported that due to training, hairdressing and cosmetics that total surpasses $3,000, meaning they end up paying to cheerlead out of their own pocket. When a cheerleader is auditioning at a NFL club, she may be required to even pay for her own audition.

The Professional Cheerleader

The professional cheerleaders have a different story. Though they receive way less than some workers, they’re still bringing in around $75,000 per season. This is the expected pay for a professional cheerleader or someone who is the head of cheerleader coaching.

What Is The Cheerleader’s Job?

The conversation around how much does a NFL cheerleader make causes some to question what is their job. The job of a NFL cheerleader is to bring spirit, cheer and enthusiasm to the game. They are there to stir up motivation and optimism for the crowd. Though their job is not directly linked to the outcome of the game, they do get the audience more connected to the team and the game.

Considering NFL Cheerleading As A Job?

If you’ve been wanting to work for the NFL, you may or may not still be considering cheerleading now that you know about their pay. How much do NFL cheerleaders make should be something you factor in if you are seriously considering cheering for the NFL. The amount of money spent on keeping yourself in shape, hair and cosmetics may not be worth what you get paid. However, if you happen to find yourself earning closer to $75,000 it may be worth it. Keep in mind that the $75,000 salary is not the average cheerleader’s salary. Requirements to become a NFL cheerleader include being a good listener, having great communication skills and being fit.

How Much Do NFL Mascots Make?

There’s another member of the NFL team that brings in lots of fun, cheer and enthusiasm. That would be the mascot. The mascot is making a paycheck too. However, the mascot shares a similarity with the cheerleader in how NFL mascots are on the lower end of earnings for the league.

In a lot of cases, you would earn more working as a mascot than a cheerleader for the league. Mascots for the NFL make about $25,000 per season. They are making more than the average cheerleader in the league. They bring a lof of fun and cheer to the crowd just like cheerleaders. At least with being a mascot, you do not have to have a big budget on hair and makeup like you do as a cheerleader.

This may come as a shock as well. Waterboys for the NFL are making $53,000 a season. This beats the pay for cheerleaders or mascots.

NFL Payscale

How much do NFL cheerleaders make and how much do NFL mascots make is not going to be anywhere near what a NFL referee makes. These jobs can still bring some excitement to your life. At least you’d only be working for about 22 weeks out of the year, meaning you can focus on other work that may be more fulfilling and financially rewarding.


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