How Much Does A NFL Referee Make?

how much does a NFL referee make
how much does a NFL referee make

If you’re a football fan you may have wondered how much does a NFL referee make per year. Just like the other members of the NFL, the referees for a professional game are bringing home a nice check. NFL referees for the 2019 season averaged around $205,000 dollars.

Many people would be surprised by how much NFL officials make. How much do NFL officials make will largely depend on their position and experience. But as for NFL referees they have had a very rewarding salary for years now. Prior to the salary increase in 2019, referees in the league were bringing in $150,000 dollars per season.

What Determines A NFL Referee’s Salary?

How much do NFL referees get paid is determined by a multitude of factors. If a referee works a postseason game, this definitely helps with increasing their salary. Being an experienced referee is a bonus. Like in many professions, being experienced increases their earning potential. Experience allows NFL referees to work playoff games, including the Super Bowl.

If the referee works a Super Bowl game, they are paid a bonus for doing so. For working the Super Bowl, the pay averages between $40,000 dollars and $50,000 dollars.

If you are wondering how much does a NFL referee make per game, their pay is not based on each individual game. Instead, they are played a flat rate for the season. Bonuses between $1,500 and $5000 are available for working additional playoff games.

Different Types Of NFL Officials

The eight people that make up the referee crew are responsible for officiating at the game. However, all of them take on different tasks. This is not something that is discussed frequently. The officiating crew for a game in the NFL includes the umpire, the referee, the side judge, the down judge, the line judge, the field judge, the back judge and lastly the replay official. The replay official is not on the field while the game is being played. All the other ones are on the field while the game is being played.

All of these officials are played nice salaries. Before becoming a NFL referee, the referee must have a decade of experience in officiating. During that time, they must have experience officiating major college games. They have to have at least five of these games under their belt.

Are NFL Referees Full Time?

At one point in time, there was a percentage of referees that worked full time for the NFL. However, that program was discontinued and there are no longer full-time referees on the roster. It is interesting to note that working as a referee for the NFL is a part-time job. They tend to work for about 22 weeks so a little less than half the year. The referees for the NFL do get benefits. Aside from bonuses available for working extra playoff games, they are also offered a 401K plan. They get representation by the NFL Referees Association.

From the end of the season until May, referees are not working. This period of time is called the dark period. During this time and even in the summer, is when referees for the league are most likely going to find work elsewhere until the new season begins.

Performance Matters

The NFL referees are paid a high salary, like officials in other leagues. But their overall performance definitely matters and influences their earning potential. The NFL reviews the overall work performance of their referees. This ensures that they are performing at their best. The reviews prove that the NFL referees are working correctly and therefore have earned their hefty pay.

How Much Do NFL Referees Get Paid?

Now you know how much a referee officiating a game of pro football is bringing home. These NFL officials earn a lot of money, more than most people, due to the type of work they do. It is a major responsibility to officiate a game, make sure the rules are being followed and keeping players safe. Having such a job that demands such responsibility pays off well. Next time you are watching a game of football, you’ll know how much one of the NFL referees are earning for the season.

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