Who Is The Best NFL Team In 2022?

Who Is The Best NFL Team In 2022

The Buffalo Bills are a hot ticket in 2022, especially on the road. According to StubHub, the world’s leading ticket marketplace, sales for the Bills have increased by over 500% since the last season. This comes on the heels of an emphatic 31-10 victory over reigning champions LA Rams in the NFL season opener.

According to Sports Illustrated’s recent power rankings, the Bills consistently find themselves in the #1 position despite being 18th in red zone efficiency and third in the NFL turnovers. The top rank was further cemented when the Bills rolled over Kansas City Chiefs for 24-20 despite being the road team.

Based on their recent victories over NFL teams, many have declared the Buffalo Bills to be the best team in the NFL, hands down. The Bills demolished Tennessee for 41-7, making it their 20th consecutive double-digit victory. There haven’t been any close victories for the Bills in recent memory.

The Bills have the highest scoring office of 36 ppg and second in scoring defense of 8.7 ppg. It isn’t uncommon for the Bills to give over 215 yards per game, ranking second overall in the NFL. And the Buffalos are averaging an offense of 413.5 ypg, which is third highest in the NFL. These stats make them powerful contenders for winning the Super Bowl in 2021.

By all accounts, the Bills appear to be nearly unstoppable, with very few challengers to throw them off course, such as the Chiefs and the Eagles.

Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs are Critical for the Bills

Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs are arguably among the greatest duos in NFL history. The pair have become best friends in football, a relationship that matters on the field. Diggs is the first player after Steve Smith to have 250 yards receiving in the team’s first two games in a season.

He also has 71 fantasy points, the highest for a wide receiver since Rod Smith in 2001. Diggs caught 12 passes for 148 yards and three touchdowns that crushed the Tennessee Titans, which pushed him to 250 in the first 35 games as a Bill (an all-time NFL record for receivers in their first 35 games with a team).

To put things in perspective, Wes Walker was 249. There are very few things that can go wrong with Diggs short of an injury.

Von Miller and Ed Oliver Refine Buffalo Bills Defense

The Bills have put up some of the greatest defences this season under the supervision of coach Sean McDermott. Despite the high number of free agency departures and injuries, the Bills have always come out on top with replacements. The team wasn’t perfect by any means and lacked the ability to put pressure on the quarterback, given that they heavily relied on a four-man rush.

This all changed when the Bills signed Von Miller. The formidable player made his intimidating presence felt in the opener against the former team with eight sacks with no signs of stopping.

Miller recently suffered a lateral meniscal tear to his right knee and barely avoided a torn ACL, which would have put him out of the game for a long time. He was soon replaced by Ed Oliver, who is keenly aware of the big shoes he has to fill. A key challenge for Olive would be to overcome the ‘next man up’ mentality.

Oliver has been named the AFC defensive player of the week after his team’s thumping 28-25 victory over the Detroit Lions. As a defensive tackle, Oliver became the first player in Bill’s history to record a sack, fumble recovery, fumble, and safety in a single game. This makes him one of only four players in the past 10 seasons to put up such a performance (joining Cameron Wake, Justin Houston, and Khalil Mack).

Who has the Hardest NFL Schedule in 2022?

The NFL works on an unbalanced schedule, which means that the bad teams in the previous season will have an easier schedule than the better teams. This creates more anticipation among fans as the season comes to a close. The process requires factoring in many variables, including whether the game is on the road or at home and how good the opponent is.

According to The Athletic, the Patriots have the toughest remaining schedule, and the Ravens have the easiest. The Bills are somewhere in the middle at 24.

What is PFF Rank in NFL

The Philadelphia Eagles rank number one for offensive line rankings this season thanks to Jordan Mailata, Jason Kelce, and Isaac Suemalo. This is followed up by Kansa City Chiefs, who have Orlando Brown Jr. and Trey Smith. Buffalo Bills have an overall rank of 11 – but it’s not very relevant.

Experts have always questioned the reliability of their mathematical rating system. They often assign values based on a normalization distribution in the -2 to +2 range. The grades may be based on context and performance, but they often aren’t very accurate.

Who is the Best NFL Team of 2022?

Those of you wondering who is the best in the NFL have very few contenders to pick from. Given the recent performance of the Bills with their convincing victory over the Tennessee Titans, New England Patriots, and Detroit Lions, we have to go with Buffalo.

The Buffalo Bills are favored to win the Super Bowl 2023. This is followed closely by the Philadelphia Eagles because they made a few changes in the offseason to turn themselves into serious contenders. They had a 6-2 run before losing to Dallas at the end of the last season, giving them plenty of momentum.

Do you disagree? Let us know which team you think is better than the Bills and why and we might reconsider!


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