Who is Alabama’s oldest rivalry?

Who is Alabama's oldest rivalry?
Who is Alabama's oldest rivalry?

In the heart of the SEC, the University of Alabama stands tall, starting its football journey in 1892. The university’s biggest rivalry is with Auburn University Tigers, starting in 1893. This clash, known as the ‘Iron Bowl’, is intense. Yet, it’s the battle with the Georgia Bulldogs from February 20, 1892, that’s the Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry.

Another fierce matchup is with the University of Tennessee Volunteers. Known as “The Third Saturday in October,” it began in 1901. It’s now a key yearly game in college football. This Alabama football rivalry is more than a game. It’s part of the culture in the SEC region.

The Birth of the Iron Bowl: Alabama vs. Auburn

The Iron Bowl between the University of Alabama and Auburn University is a fierce game. It started over a century ago and is a huge part of Alabama’s sports history. It kicked off on February 22, 1893, with Auburn winning 32-22. This rivalry is a big part of college football in America.

The Beginnings: First-Game and Historical Context

The first-ever televised Iron Bowl was in 1964. It showed the world how many fans love this series. The rivalry stopped between 1907 to 1947 because of tensions. It came back when Alabama won 55-0 in 1948. That win is the biggest victory in Iron Bowl history.

Rituals and Traditions: The James E. Foy, V-ODK Sportsmanship Trophy

The James E. Foy, V-ODK Sportsmanship Trophy is a special tradition. It represents respect between Alabama and Auburn teams. Winning this trophy means a lot. It also strengthens the bond between these competitive schools.

Historic Moments and Records in the Rivalry

Joe Namath, a Bama quarterback, had legendary performances in the 1960s. Another big moment was Coach Bear Bryant’s victory in 1981. He became the most-winning FBS coach. Alabama won nine times in a row from 1973 to 1981. This shows Alabama’s strong performance in the Iron Bowl.

The Iron Bowl is eagerly awaited each year. It’s a time of tradition and sportsmanship. Players, coaches, and fans all contribute. This game celebrates the legacy of Alabama and Auburn football. It’s all about tradition and respect.

Alabama vs. Tennessee: The Third Saturday in October

The “Third Saturday in October” is a fierce rivalry game between Alabama and Tennessee. This event is a key part of college football history. It’s known for its intense battles and brings fans together from all over.

The Making of a College Football Classic: Alabama-Tennessee Series

Starting in 1901, the Alabama-Tennessee series has a long competitive history. These games highlight some of Alabama’s biggest wins. They’ve played a big part in the SEC’s top football reputation. The 1928 game, where Tennessee first beat Alabama, started over a century of exciting football.

Traditions of the Tennessee Rivalry: The Origin of Victory Cigars

An Alabama-Tennessee tradition is the smoking of victory cigars, started in the 1950s by Jim Goostree. This practice celebrates wins and is a big part of the rivalry’s story. Even with rules against tobacco, this tradition continues, showing the strong spirit of college football rivalries.

Winning Streaks and Memorable Matches in the Alabama-Tennessee Rivalry

Alabama has had winning streaks, like their 11-season run from 1971 to 1981. These times highlight their dominance in sports history. Games like the 1971 victory show why this series is special. Each game is a chapter in the rich story of college football.

The Crimson Tide’s Rivalry with LSU: Geographical Proximity and Competitive Spirits

The Alabama-LSU football rivalry is a mix of tradition and geography. This rivalry fuels the competitive drive of both teams. Since their first game in 1895, Alabama often wins, especially with famous coaches like Paul “Bear” Bryant. Bryant’s era is a key part of this rivalry. It shows how the games have evolved into intense competitions.

From Early Clashes to Modern Day Showdowns: LSU vs. Alabama

The early games between LSU and Alabama set the stage. Now, they have one of college football’s biggest rivalries. Recent games, like the 2011 BCS National Championship, highlight their strong competition. These games have become a major part of “Alabama vs. LSU contemporary rivalry.” They feature intense strategy and draw viewers nationwide.

The Significance of ‘The Saban Bowl’

The rivalry got a new twist with Nick Saban coaching both teams. This added “The Saban Bowl” to the rivalry’s story. Saban has continued “Bear Bryant’s legacy” and created his own at Alabama. His leadership has led to several national championships. Each game is a new chapter in this rivalry, filled with strategy and high stakes. It showcases the current competitive spirit of college football.


Alabama sports history is a showcase of rich and vibrant rivalries. The Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry features The University of Alabama vs. The University of Georgia. It embodies the competitive spirit of college football. In their 67 meetings, they’ve given us moments of drama and skill. Georgia’s 37 points in a half against Alabama in 2003 was unforgettable.

The Iron Bowl, between Alabama and Auburn, is another key rivalry. It writes a new story with each game. The 2007 game, where Alabama was the underdog, became a classic match. That year, Georgia and Alabama also had a memorable overtime victory.

High school rivalries carry the same spirit as college sports. They form a part of Alabama’s identity. The rivalry between Murphy High School and McGill-Toolen Catholic High School has seen 84 games since 1935. These games are filled with passion and pride.

Whether in college or high school, Alabama rivalries are intense. They show the true heart of sportsmanship and legacy. The Iron Bowl and high school classics are deeply cherished and respected.

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