What Channel Is NFL On Tonight?

What Channel is NFL on Tonight
What Channel is NFL on Tonight

The 2022-2023 Football season is in its eighth week. Everyone is hyped, as teams have set the tone for the season already. Who do you think will reach playoffs? Do you have any hopes for the Super Bowl? Some people are confident enough to make predictions even this early on. The NFL trade deadline is also around the corner, locking the teams for the remaining season.

With all the excitement around these last few matches before the deadline, you might forget where you can watch the match tonight.

While local service providers show your local matches, the big games are broadcast nationwide. You will need to figure out which services are available to you.

We are rocking through week 8 of the NFL season. With epic matchups around every corner, fans scramble to find the best place to watch the game. Different games are on different channels. Find out what channel is tonight’s NFL game on.

What Channels Are NFL Games On?

While streaming services have started gaining popularity it’s not the same as watching the NFL network or ESPN+ on your TV. Not everyone has a smart TV; casting your phone or laptop on your TV can become a mess.

The whole time the match goes on, you can’t use your devices for anything else. Watching NFL plays on a tiny laptop or phone screen is cruel if you have a TV.

Now no one channel holds a monopoly over the NFL. The NFL decides, along with major television networks. The television rights to broadcast the NFL are the most lucrative on the market. Channels like Fox, ABC, NBC, ESPN, CBS, and NFL Network, go head to head for the rights to show us the NFL.

So If you want to enjoy watching the NFL on your TV, you need to know which game is on which channel. The game on your local channel will usually feature your local team. Primetime games are broadcasted across the country on Thursday, Sunday, and Monday nights.


All Sunday night football matches are broadcasted nationwide on NBC. You. You can contact your service provider if you can get it through cable or log on to NBC.com. Catch tonight’s match there too.


Monday night NFL matches can be enjoyed on ESPN. Tune in tomorrow for another thrilling match. You can watch the match on ESPN by logging in. Sometimes your cable provider gives you access to ESPN logins included in your cable package.


Amazon prime is the new home of Thursday night football. Catch the week ten match between the Eagles and the Texans on the streaming service.

More About Tonight’s Match

Tonight’s match will be intense. Aron rogers is a double-digit underdog for the first time in his career. The team has had a four-game losing streak, and experts believe they will continue to bleed one more week.

Receivers have been disappointing so far, running the wrong routes and dropping passes. The team is suffering the loss of Davante Adams a lot.

Aaron is making excellent throws one minute and absurd ones the next. It’s no secret that the packers need a new receiver before the NFL trade deadline on the first of November.

Some people are bold enough to assume that the receivers are playing up to standard, and Aaron is starting to lose his leadership lustre. Should the Quarterback be enough to win the game no matter who’s catching the ball? You can decide.

However, they will show up and play their hardest yet. They need to make an impact, or they will lose millions of fans’ hopes. While their defense is rock solid, it could be even better. Fans will be on the edge of their seats, wondering if they will be able to win tonight. Suppose you want to know what channel is the NFL game on. Here it is.

What Channel is NFL on Tonight?

Tonight the Green Bay Packers are facing off against the Buffalo Bills. Both teams have only faced each other thirteen times to date. You can watch the game on NBC or Peacock. Peacock is NBC’s online streaming provider.


SNF on NBC has just renewed its contract with the NFL. They hold television rights from 2022 to 2033 for 2 billion dollars. That makes it the fourth highest-paying channel to gain NFL rights. They will show all primetime SNL matches live.

If your TV provider allows you to access NBC, you should be able to find it in your channel lineup. If you cannot, you must call your Cable provider.

Tonight, NBC’s broadcasting will begin at 7 PM Eastern time. You can catch the pregame show. The pregame show is the perfect appetizer for the upcoming match. It shares recaps of early actions and a preview of the game to come.

If you want to stream this match and all four other Sunday Night Games, you can count on Peacock. Every Sunday, what channel is the NFL game on? You can watch it on NBC through NBC.com or Peacock.

What About Tomorrow’s Match?

After the match between the Packers and the Bills is decided, where should you watch the next match? After enjoying the thrilling match tonight, you will want to plan for the next one. Monday’s match is the Cleveland Browns versus The Cincinnati Bengals.

Cleveland Browns versus The Cincinnati Bengals

Catch the Monday night football game on ESPN at 8:15 PM Eastern Time. If you want to watch the exclusive Peyton and Eli “Manningcast,” you’ll need to tune in to ESPN2.


No one channel can show all three primetime matches. If you want to watch all three of them live weekly, you’ll need to subscribe to them. You might be lucky enough to get a cable package, including ESPN and NBC. However, you’ll need an Amazon Prime subscription for Thursday night football.

To enjoy tonight’s match, figure out your NBC.com cable password by speaking to your cable network. We hope you enjoy the match as we will.

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